Fuel Cell Stack Components

MEA3 DMFC Membrane Electrode AssembliesXL-MEA3 / XL-MEA5 XL Membrane Electrode AssembliesN 115/N 117/NR 211/NR 212 Nafion PFSA MembranesD 520/1020/2020 Nafion PFSA Polymer DispersionPt/C & PtRu/C Catalysts CatalystsN–Series & W-Series Carbon Cloth & Carbon Paper  
MEA3 DMFC Membrane Electrode Assemblies

DuPontā€™s Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) are available for Direct Methanol (DM) applications in a 3 layer configuration (MEA3), with appropriate Electrodes on each side of optimised Nafion PFSA Membrane. Sandwiched between two pieces of black carbon paper, the Nafion membrane forms the main reaction site. The MEA functions like a simple battery cell. Stacks of MEA are connected by the graphite bipolar plates. A fuel cell stack is a stack of MEA (cell) connected in series with graphite bipolar plates in between. MEA3 is fabricated to specific fuel cell operational and dimensional requirements based on customerā€™s provided details of the dimensions. GasHub is the authorised dealer for DuPontā€™s MEAs.


Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)
C:\Users\ADMIN\Pictures\MEA - Single Cell Polarisation Curve.jpg
Polarisation Curves for MEA operating at 70 ā°C and 40ā°C from a Single Cell Testing