Fuel Cell Stacks

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GH1000FCS PEM Fuel Cell Stack

GasHub’s GH1000FCS Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Stack is the ideal fundamental building block for all stationary and portable power requirements. The high efficiency and low fuel consumption rate of the fuel cell module delivers high quality emission-free, continuous clean power from hydrogen fuel. Featuring Gashub Proprietary manufacturing and fuel cell control technology, the fuel cell stacks provide for high reliability and performance for various applications. Compact and easily integrable into auxiliary power units; GH1000FCS PEM Fuel Cell Stacks are highly utilized in Power Applications such as Stationary Back-Up Power, Electric Vehicles, Remote Power Supply etc., delivering a Greener Power Generation Solution for all.


  •  Research and Development Applications.
  •  Stationary Power Applications.
  •  Portable Power Applications.
  •  Mobility Applications.
  •  Back-Up and Emergency Power.
  •  Land and Marine Auxiliary Power Applications.
  •  Fuel Cell-Batteries Hybrid Applications.
  •  Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries.
  •  Replacement of Diesel Generator Sets.


  •  High Quality Proprietary Designed Fuel Cell Components
  •  High Fuel Economy for Increased Energy Savings.
  •  Zero-Emissions
  •  Compact and Light-Weight System.
  •  Long Continuous Operation Capability.
  •  High Durability and Reliability.
  •  Highly Modular, Configurable and Customizable to Application Needs.
  •  Robust and Shock-Resistant.
  •  Fully Equipped with Safety, Assembly and Operation Manual.