GasHub Technology Pte Ltd (GasHub) was incorporated in the Year 2001 by Founder and CEO Mr Avier Lim with a vision to pioneer the development of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Technology as a clean energy storage and delivery system for stationary and mobile power applications.

To date, GasHub have consistently delivered high quality fuel cell components and systems across different geographical regions and market segments. GasHub believes in empowering our vision of “Being a Key Enabler of Green Energy Solutions Globally”.

Because GasHub understands the way people live and how business work today, we have aligned our research and development effort to create products and solutions that deliver reliability, efficiency and competitive advantages.

Gashub focuses on the development and commercialization of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell and has successfully designed its own way of production and fuel cell configuration.

Today, GasHub manufactures more than 75% of all components used in its fuel cell stack assembly - giving us the competitive edge and leadership in cost and pricing control; hence, benefiting our clients worldwide. We provide greater client-value and sustainable revenue streams while pursuing our global ambitions.