Hydrogen Generation

GH 1.8 WEL / GH 3.6 WEL Water ElectrolyserGH 600 WEL / GH 1000 WEL Water ElectrolyserGH5000WEL / GH5000MEL Electrolyser  
GH 1.8 WEL / GH 3.6 WEL Water Electrolyser

GasHub’s GH 1.8 WEL & GH 3.6 WEL are cost-effective, cylinder-free solutions for delivering Hydrogen gas with safety built in to every component. The system eliminates the expensive gas infrastructure and storage safety concerns, and requires only de-ionized water to produce a constant supply of Hydrogen gas. It’s the preferred choice of laboratories requiring onsite Hydrogen generation with quality, reliability and safety. Hydrogen is generated onsite with zero emission of greenhouse gases. GH 1.8 WEL & GH 3.6 WEL are ideal for laboratory instrumentation, such as Gas Chromatograph, and it features low power consumption, rapid startup and high gas purity.

GH 3.6 WEL


  •  Laboratory instrumentation
  •  Process atmospheres
  •  Material heat treatment
  •  Gas quality monitoring
  •  Hybrid regenerative power systems


  •  Onsite Hydrogen generation
  • Startup time less than 1 minute
  •  Hydrogen purity greater than 99.999%
  •  Built-in safety for pressure control and system check
  •  Easy operation and favourable maintenance