Hydrogen Generation

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GH 600 WEL / GH 1000 WEL Water Electrolyser

GasHub’s GH 600 WEL & GH 1000 WEL are models for operation with fuel cell test stations, or as a source of clean-burning fuel for flame tooks and many others. Proton Exchange Membrane technology is employed as the electrolyte for water electrolysis, which features low power consumption, rapid startup and high pure gas purity of 99.999%. The system eliminates the expensive gas infrastructure and storage safety concerns, and requires only de-ionised water to produce a constant supply of onsite Hydrogen gas with quality, reliability, safety and zero emission of greenhouse gases.
GH 600 WEL


  •  Fuel cell test stations
  •  Process atmospheres
  •  Material heat treatment
  •  Power plant generator cooling


  •  Onsite Hydrogen generation
  •  Hydrogen purity greater than 99.999%
  •  Built-in safety for pressure control and system check
  •  Adjustable pressure and flow rate
  • AC/DC dual power modes

Single Cell testing

Stability at 1400mA/cm2, 50⁰C