Telecom Base Stations Backup Power Generator
In a world where wireless applications have become more ingrained in the day-to-day activities and functions of people’s lives, it is vital to maintain the power for these applications in the event of power outages. As a backup power solution, fuel cell in telecom applications can make up for the shortfalls of lead-acid batteries and diesel gensets with reduced maintenance, remote monitoring and lower life cycle costs.

GasHub Fuel Cell Backup Power Generator is the ideal choice as a backup power solution for Telecom applications. Based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Technology, the generators are relatively smaller in size compared to equivalent diesel generators, and provide extended run times that diesel generators cannot match.

Where reliability and cost efficiency are the main concerns for backup power, GasHub’s latest family of fuel cells used in UPS are assembled using molded bipolar plates, gaskets and end plates for added reliability, durability, safety and robustness.

UPS Systems
As our decreasing global supply of fossil fuels triggers rising energy prices, green energy can be the solution to save resources and money by heating, cooling and lighting up buildings with our fuel cell technologies. Fuel Cell technologies present itself as an ideal alternative to diesel generators.
An uninterruptible power supply ensures constant delivery of electricity to an electrical load. An UPS can be standby (Backup Power) or full time (Primary Power) which runs constantly.

Lift Backup Power System
GasHub Technology has successfully deployed fuel cell as backup systems for lifts in five HDB sites in Singapore. Powered by 200W fuel cell system, the lift provides a seamless switch over to the fuel cells during a power outage, thus maintaining the lightings and fan ventilation system in the lift.

GasHub’s Lift Backup
Power System

Remote Telecom Base Stations
The GasHub Self-Sustaining Fuel Cell Backup System are developed for Remote Applications as well as Integration with Renewable Energy Systems. Electricity Supply to the Rural Communities and Infrastructural Development is a critical area of focus for developing countries with large land areas. The systems offer an integrated solution towards harnessing the power of Clean Energy from Renewable Energy Sources, effectively store energy through Hydrogen and delivery of energy through Fuel Cell Generator Systems. The elimination of Lead Acid Batteries, high energy carrier properties of Hydrogen and the high efficiencies of the Generation and Fuel Cell Systems ensure minimal energy loss through the System. Fuel Cell Hydrogen Generation Technology extends the operational hours of Solar and Wind Energy Systems through the buffer storage and delivers power on-site and on-demand to the load applications.

Remote Base Station