Hydrogen Generation

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GH5000WEL / GH5000MEL Electrolyser

GasHub Electrolyser is a Hydrogen-on-demand generator which uses an advanced electrolyser technology to produce Hydrogen from feedstock of low cost water-based fuel, such as distilled water or aqueous-methanol, that is non-flammable. This Hydrogen generation system can be integrated with PhotoVoltaic or wind turbine modules to produce Hydrogen gas for fuel cells. Advantage of having a GasHub Electrolyser is that the power consumption is lower than conventional Alkaline or PEM electrolyser of comparable Hydrogen generation rate. It is also designed for low maintenance. Choose between water-based for clean emissions or methanol-based electrolyser for an efficient rate of hydrogen production.


  •  Supply hydrogen as fuel to fuel cells.
  •  Onsite Hydrogen Generation to attain a Self Sustaining Fuel Cell System.
  •  Integration with PhotoVoltaic or Wind turbine modules to generate hydrogen.
  •  Hydrogen for storage purposes to cater for future usage.
  •  Industrial applications such as heat treating, weather balloon filling, gas chromatography, etc.


  •  Low power consumption cost.
  •  Low maintenance cost.
  •  High purity of Hydrogen produced
  •  No pollution and fire hazards.
  •  Small footprint.
  •  Minimal Noise Emissions.
  •  Indoor* or outdoor applications (no need for air-conditioning)
  •  No Performance Degradation over time
  •  Remote monitoring

* Usage for Indoor Environment Subject to Requirements and Applications.

High Capacity Electrolyser
Low Capacity Electrolyser