Fuel Cell Stacks

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GH100EDU Fuel Cell Educational Kit

GasHub’s GH200EDU is the perfect start-up kit for Vocational/ Tertiary Level students to be acquainted with the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technologies. The ease-of-assembly, durable, robust and accurate performance features makes the GH100EDU an ideal teaching aid for teachers and tutors to conduct enriching scientific lessons and develop lesson plans for students to grasp the fundamentals of hydrogen fuel cell technology and clean energy power generation systems. The comprehensive component list, instructions and manuals and suggested lesson plans ensure that lessons can be effectively and easily set up, while ensuring a challenging yet stimulating introduction to fuel cell technology.


  • Educational/Experimental Toolkit for Science and Electronics Lesson Planning
  • Toolkit for Demonstration /Display of Fuel Cell Technologies
  • Powering of small DC Electrical Loads
  • Charging of DC Electrical Appliance
  • Characterization of Current-Voltage Performance (IV Curve)


  • Robust Bi-polar Plates
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Compact and Portable Unit
  • In-House Calibrated Fuel Cell Unit for Greater Reliability
  • Ideal for Electronics Lesson Planning
  • Fully Equipped with Operating Manual, Lesson Plans and Experimental Suggestions