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GH0060DMFC Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Generator

GasHub GH0060DMFC Fuel Cell Generator is the ideal choice for stationary auxiliary power application needs for small scale loads. Fully integrated with fuel supply, fuel cell generator, power electronics and intelligent control modules, the system meets the requirements for off-grid or remote power for long operational duration and ease of operation and maintenance. Housed in a metal enclosure, the light-weight compact system can supply continuous power for light power electronics applications in outdoor or indoor* environments, with near-zero emissions and noise. Easily transportable and unobtrusive, the GH0060DMFC Fuel Cell Generator is the perfect clean energy solution for commercial/industrial users of auxiliary power units.


  •  Auxiliary Power for Remote Areas.
  •  Mobile Power for Caravans.
  •  Small-Scale Industrial Power Applications.
  •  Lighting and Electrical Appliances Charging.
  •  Battery Charging/ maintenance Applications.
  •  Surveillance and Monitoring Equipment Usage.
  •  Street Lighting / Traffic Lighting Applications.


  •  High Efficient Direct Methanol Fuel Cell.
  •  Extremely Low Cost of Fuel.
  •  Low Fuel Consumption Rate for Higher Savings.
  •  High Reliability for Continuous Operation.
  •  Near-Zero Emissions and No Pollution.
  •  Weather-Proof Enclosure rated for Outdoor Applications. *
  •  Compact and Light-weight Unit with option for Mobility Applications.
  •  Smart Control System for Minimal User Intervention Required.
  •  No Performance Degradation over time.

Remarks: Usage for Indoor Environment Subject to Requirements and Applications.