Fuel Cell Stack Components

MEA3 DMFC Membrane Electrode AssembliesXL-MEA3 / XL-MEA5 XL Membrane Electrode AssembliesN 115/N 117/NR 211/NR 212 Nafion PFSA MembranesD 520/1020/2020 Nafion PFSA Polymer DispersionPt/C & PtRu/C Catalysts CatalystsN–Series & W-Series Carbon Cloth & Carbon Paper  
N–Series & W-Series Carbon Cloth & Carbon Paper

GasHub’s uniquely designed carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL), W0S1002, are developed to be highly suitable for the MEA process. To ensure the best fuel cell efficiency, the hydrophobicity level of our carbon cloth can all be furthermore adjusted. GasHub’s carbon cloth boast its high strength and even pore size which can be further reinforced by MPL coating. GasHub’s N0S1005 are porous carbon paper that adapts PAN-based carbon-fibre with high gas-permeability and conductivity. GasHub’s carbon paper also highlights its mechanical strength and even pore size. Our paper material is suitable for all the fuel cell configurations.

GDS-H231513C1 Gas Diffusion System Width 300mm
Gas Diffusion System