Fuel Cell Stack Components

MEA3 DMFC Membrane Electrode AssembliesXL-MEA3 / XL-MEA5 XL Membrane Electrode AssembliesN 115/N 117/NR 211/NR 212 Nafion PFSA MembranesD 520/1020/2020 Nafion PFSA Polymer DispersionPt/C & PtRu/C Catalysts CatalystsN–Series & W-Series Carbon Cloth & Carbon Paper  
Pt/C & PtRu/C Catalysts Catalysts

Platinum and Platinum Ruthenium Alloy, the most effective catalyst for oxidation and reduction reactions, when dispersed evenly in carbon powder, increase reactive surface area significantly and provides an ideal catalyst for many electrochemical processes. Tanaka Kikinzoku have combined precious metal catalyst technology and electrochemical technology to develop highly activated catalysts for the cathode, and highly CO-tolerant catalysts for the anode of fuel cells. GasHub is the authorised dealer for Tanaka Kikinzoku’s Platinum/Carbon Catalysts (Pt/C) and Platinum Ruthenium Alloy/Carbon Catalysts (PtRu/C).

Catalyst Performance as Anode
Catalyst Performance as Cathode