Fuel Cell Stack Components

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XL-MEA3 / XL-MEA5 XL Membrane Electrode Assemblies

DuPont’s XL Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) are based on a new extended life reinforced membrane that combines the advantages of mechanical reinforcement with enhanced chemical stability, enabling improved membrane durability. The improvement is a result of an advanced stabilisation system that increases mechanical strength and provides resistance to peroxide attack, which leads to an superior membrane life and performance. Available in 3-layer MEA (MEA3) and 5-layer MEA (MEA5) that comes with the gas diffusion layer,  the MEA can last 20 times longer in demanding load and humidity cycling applications. GasHub is the authorised dealer for DuPont’s XL MEAs.

Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)


  • Stationary Power for Remote Locations
  • Stationary Power for Backup Power
  • Power for Light Duty Vehicles


  • Improved Membrane Textile Strength
  • Reduced Fluoride Emission
  • Extended MEA lifetime